An undeniable best-seller from the Flexform collection, Groundpiece completed 20 years and has transformed the very concept of the sofa, introducing several innovations. First of all, it is a deconstructed line with new proportions – the Groundpiece sofa is low and deep, designed as a more relaxed and casual approach to seating. Groundpiece embodies the quintessence of Flexform comfort and is exceptionally inviting, thanks to the amply-sized goose-down cushions.

"When we made Groundpiece, it seemed to us that we were making a project with impressive content but that would not have sold because it was so simple, so non-traditional”.

“But we made it anyway. Because it seemed exciting to us to experiment with this marriage between art and a cushion, which is not exactly the most obvious marriage.”

“It’s called GROUNDPIECE because, there is a connection with the world of art”.

“This was one of the most innovative pieces: it was a soft surface in the center of a space”.

“We innovate; and this way of working of ours is what leads to extraordinary products“.

Flexform Flagship: Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 794 - São Paulo and Casual Móveis stores.